Homemade Ointment To Heal Wounds Fast Without Scarring

It happens to everybody to get hurt in all sort of awkward circumstances. Beside that these scratches are painful they are also healing very hard, especially if the wound is deep.

But if we scratch the wound, the healing process will be very slow. So, if you want to avoid these situations, you can prepare your own ointment to speed up wound healing.

The following homemade ointment has a natural antibiotic and some natural oils with antiviral properties. I think you should have this cream around your house.


– 100g of coconut oil
– 100g of almond oil
– 100g dried herbs (chamomile, lavender, walnut)
– 8 tablespoons of organic wax
– 4 tablespoons of hamamelis
– 30 drops of essential tea tree oil

Method of preparation:
Place the herbs in a glass jar, and then add the oils over them to cover them completely. After that, place the jar in a saucepan half filled with water and heat the oils for 30 minutes, by stirring frequently.

Then, strain the oil through a fine sieve, and put the oil back into the glass, then back into the water. The next step is to add the wax and mix well. After it has completely melted, remove from the fire and add hammamelis. Leave the mixture to cool.

The ointment obtained is applied directly to cuts, burns, dry skin, scratches. It will disinfect the area and the skin will heal without scars.

Image Credits: Prepareandnourish

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