Homemade Organic Body Lotion For A Silky Smooth Skin

Looking for an organic body lotion recipe? You came to the right place. Learn how to make your own refreshing and organic body lotion.

When it comes to the skin care every woman brings the heavy stuff in. Despite the promises that all cosmetic manufacturers make, you can’t be sure they don’t contain harmful chemicals. If you want to be safe, prepare your own organic body lotion. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy and you can customize ingredients with your own ideas.

Ingredients and utensils

– 2-4 tablespoons of organic coconut oil
– 110 grams of natural butter
– caramelized apple oil
– a high bowl
– an old cream jar

Method of preparation

1. Heat the water, later you will melt the mixture, so it’s good to start by boiling water.
2. Add butter in another pot. Butter will be the key ingredient in this recipe. You can use several types of natural butters: almond, shea, mango or cocoa butter.
3. Pour coconut oil over the butter. The amount of oil depends on the type of butter you have chosen. For a butter having a lower melting temperature, you should use less oil. For this recipe you must use between 2-4 tablespoons of oil.
4. Melt the mixture. Mix the ingredients, and then put the pot in the middle of the saucepan with boiling water (Bain Marie), wait until the whole contents melt.
5. When the mixture is completely melted and homogeneous, you can pour it into a bowl.
6. Add half a teaspoon of caramel-flavored oil and mix well.
7. Let the mix stand for 30 minutes, and wait until it has a creamy consistency.
8. Transfer the lotion into the cream jar.

And, voila! Your organic body lotion is ready to use! Try it and let us know how your skin felts after using this body lotion.

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