Pain-Free Method To Remove Your Mustache At Home (Women Only)

Mustache on a woman’s face is so undesirable, and needs immediate action! You have to get rid of it right away if you don’t want to look like a real man! So, you may try removing it in a cosmetic center or you can try it at home, using wax…but it’s quite painful.

That’s why, for all women out there who wants to get rid of mustache without waxing, I want to share this precious information with you.

This recipe is perfect to get rid of mustache for good, using only natural ingredients. And is pain-free!


– an egg white
– a teaspoon of corn flour
– a teaspoon of sugar

How to use:

1. Mix the egg whites with corn flour and sugar.
2. Mix the mixture until you get a sticky paste.
3. Apply the paste over the mustache.
4. Let it dry for 30 minutes.
5. Unstuck it easily.

How often do you have to try this?

Repeat this procedure twice a week. In at least a month, you will notice that the hair is more rarely, and in two months it will disappear completely.

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