Try This At Home: Get Rid Of Warts In Just 5 Days

Those prominent warts that appear on the skin are actually lesions caused by papilloma virus infections which are very common among the population. Until today, over 100 types of this virus are known, each responsible for certain illnesses. However, most of them cause symptoms at the surface of the skin.

Complete warts removal is done by surgery; many people don’t resort to this method because they are afraid. There is, however, a simple and effective trick that can help you to get rid of this problem at home.

You need:

– 3 garlic cloves
– a piece of gauze

All that you have to do is crush the garlic cloves, and apply the garlic paste over the warts. Cover the area with the piece of gauze, and let it act for 1 hour.

Repeat the procedure for 5 days in a row, twice a day. You will notice that the warts have disappeared.

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