5 Natural Ways To Remove Ingrown Pubic Hair Without Causing An Infection

Ingrown hair is very painful because it suddenly transforms into a big painful pimple. And when it happens to bump out in your pubic area, well, that’s even more painful, because pubic area is very sensitive. Ingrown pubic hair, usually appear after shaving or waxing. They are small swellings that become infected due to the fact that the hair has not been properly removed and it starts growing inside the skin. The following remedies will help you to remove ingrown pubic hair very easily and less painful without infecting the area.

1. Soak a piece of cotton wool in hamamelis oil and apply it to the skin in the areas where the hair grows under the skin. This natural remedy soothes irritated skin and helps to remove the hair easily. Use it before and after epilation.

2. Remove the skin that covers the ingrown hair with a tweezers. The hair threads will remain stuck in the first skin layer, but you can get them out if you remove the skin slowly. Pick up the thread slightly, but don’t pull it out, as the area can get irritated or even worse, can get infected.

3. It’s good to prevent the appearance of ingrown hair, especially during summer when you are more prone to sweating – so it’s a good idea to apply Vaseline, talcum powder or corn starch to prevent irritation.

4. Use aloe vera gel, because it’s an incredible remedy for ingrown pubic hair. Apply it on affected areas every night and let it get absorbed. You can grow an aloe vera plant at home so you can cut off the leaf and get the amount of gel you need.
Tip: if you choose to buy Aloe Vera gel, make sure it does not contain alcohol because it irritates your skin.

5. Use essential oils such as chamomile or lavender. It’s advisable to check the concentration and dilute it with water if necessary, as these products are very strong and can affect or burn the skin. For better results, use a mixture of oils.

Image Credits: Healthline

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