Easy Methods To Lossen Ear Wax At Home

When too much wax is collected in the ear, a plug is formed, which sometimes can cause hearing problems, and sometimes not. Doctors advise us not to use cotton buds to remove ear wax, instead you can try removing it with less intrusive methods, such as natural remedies.

Remove the wax plugs with olive oil
Pour a few drops of olive oil into your ear, and then lie down on the opposite ear for 15 minutes. After the time passes, turn your head so that the oil to drain. Use a paper towel not to stain your sheets. Repeat the process for the other ear.

To remove the olive oil from the ear, just put some warm water in a syringe and pour the water into the ear while you’re leaning over the sink.

Or you can try the candle therapy to remove ear wax

This traditional method can be used at home, but with great care.

You need:
– a natural bee wax candle, tall and thin (like the one from the Church)

Lie down on one side with the ear towards the ceiling, and introduce the candle in the ear. Now, burn the wrist! The ear wax will be melt due to heat emanated by the candle.
Important! Don’t use this method more than once or a maximum of twice a year!

Image Credits: Businessinsider

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