Quick Trick To Get Rid Of Hickeys Before Your Mom Gets Home

Those passionate moments should be between you and your lover, but sometimes you go with the flow, and a hickey suddenly appears on your neck. Scarves are a solution to cover these love signs, but if it happens to have them in the middle of the summer, well, it’s not ok. Thanks God that there are several tricks to get rid of hickeys immediately, not to be seen by your annoying aunt who is coming to visit you.

!!! The first thing you should do when you see a hickey on your neck is to put a stainless steel spoon in the freezer for 10 minutes, and then apply it on the sign. Gently massage the area after that.

Massage the hickey with a toothbrush

You need:
-a new toothbrush with hard bristles

Now, massage the bruise and the area around the bruise to stimulate blood flow. Be careful, though, because if you push too hard, you will make the sign more obvious. After 15 minutes, you should see how the redness expands and is less obvious. Later, apply an ice cube keep on the bruise and you will notice that your skin will get a normal look. If the sign is big, you can repeat the process.

Rub the skin with a coin
This method is the most painful but also the most effective. To begin with, you have to stretch the affected area, and then massively massage the area using a coin. This will remove the excess blood that has passed through the capillaries and has reached the surface of the skin. Massage will make your skin red, but only for a few moments.

Image Credits: Howrid

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