Home Remedies To Reduce Foot Pain Immediately

Your feet are made for walking, and that’s what just they’ll do, and we agree with that! But if you neglect your feet you will realize that your feet won’t walk anymore, that’s why we have to take proper care of them!

Sometimes, even if we care for our feet we will end with a pain that we can’t cope with it! The pain can appear for several causes such as walking too much, wearing heels, or an old foot injury or ankle sprain can activate, but it doesn’t matter the cause as long as the pain is there.

The thing is that we can treat the pain easily without seeing a doctor (if the pain persists then you should see a doctor) using natural remedies, and the following ones are perfect to deal with this type of pain.

Hot and cold water baths

Hot and cold therapy is used to soothe sore muscles. The practice is known to reduce swelling, pain and encourage blood flow throughout the feet. Warm water causes vasodilation, which is followed by cold water that produces vasoconstriction. Alternating between both hot and cold baths pumps stagnant fluid out of the area, reducing inflammation. 

Epsom salt

Adding Epsom salt to a warm bath will allow your body to soak in these chemicals, which work to reduce pain, swelling, and bruises. During an Epsom salt bath, make sure the water is very warm and add about one or two cups of salt. Leave your feet in the water for at least 12 minutes, and be sure to relax.


Ice therapy is one of the most useful home remedies for foot pain. Using ice can quickly reduce soreness, swelling and promote muscle health. Fill a bucket with water, then add ice. Dip your feet into the bucket and relax. Don’t leave your feet in the ice bath for longer than 20 minutes.


If you want to try a massage to reduce foot pain, be sure to focus on trigger points. During the massage seek out tender spots in your feet and press on them, while gently stretching. These spots will feel like tight bands of tissue. Using oil for the massage will help encourage blood flow, stretch your muscles and increase flexibility.

Fish oil

Omega-3 oils are perfect for supporting nerve health and preventing foot pain. Adding a fish oil supplement to your daily routine, or simply introducing more seafood to your diet can improve the healing process and decrease inflammation. 


 Exercising the foot muscles helps to restore the length of the lower leg muscles, increases balance across the body and reduce foot pain. For one simple exercise, you can add to your morning routine you’ll only need a towel. Drop a towel on the floor, and use your toes to scrunch the towel up towards your feet slowly. Repeat this motion about four to five times before you start your day.


Stretching is the easiest way to relieve tension and pain in the feet. After a long day on your feet, a good stretch can do wonders.

Change your shoes

If you start wearing a new pair of shoes, then you may have to change it with an old one. Footwear should always provide support, cushion, and be rigid enough to keep the feet balanced. It’s healthy to replace your shoes every six months, especially workout shoes.

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