How To Get Instant Relief From A Shoe Bite

When a happy day of shopping turns into a miserable experience because that new pair of shoes you’ve bought the other day, leaves you painful marks on your feet, you have to go back home and apply the following home remedies and tricks to relieve pain quickly. Otherwise, these blisters will interfere with your day by day activities if you don’t take care of them right away.

As an advice, I suggest you to try natural remedies before running out to the pharmacy and use all sort of antiseptic creams.

Ice Cubes

The easiest way to get relief from a shoes bite is using ice cubes. Put a few ice cubes onto a clean cloth and rub it on the affected area. It will soothe the pain and reduce swelling.

Aloe Vera

Apply aloe vera gel, freshly extracted from a leaf, and apply it on the blister. If you apply it several times, the blister will heal quickly without scarring.


Its anti-inflammatory properties can bring down the swelling and inflammation caused by shoe bites. Make a paste from 1 aspirin tablet with water, and apply it on the affected spots.


Toothpaste will help you heal blister quickly and scars.  Apply some white toothpaste on the blisters and leave for a few hours and wash with water.


Honey is used in many skin problems and can be very effective in treating blisters as well. Just dab the affected area with organic honey and let act for half an hour.

Rice Flour

You can apply a paste made of rice flour and water on blisters and allow it to dry. Wash it with lukewarm water. 

Petroleum Jelly

To soften and soothe the skin that is irritated by shoe bite, you can apply common petroleum jelly on it. After washing the legs, rub some jelly on the shoe bite spots. Leave it on overnight and use soft socks before you hit the bed to prevent staining of the sheets.

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