How To Use Wormwood To Get Rid Of Intestinal Worms In Adults

I read in an article that intestinal worms appear only to those living in 3rd world countries and I was extremely amazed about this poor information. As a nurse, living in America, I can honestly tell you that I’ve seen a lot of patients with intestinal parasites both children and adults. It’s true that not everybody can suffer from intestinal parasites, but when they do, digestive problems and prolonged fatigue appears.

Most of the times the symptoms are ignored because they are associated with stress, but you don’t have to ignore them because, sometimes, they may trigger other diseases.  The problem of parasites is silent, but can be prevented and even controlled by natural remedies.

Back in time, when people were dealing with intestinal parasites and the pharmaceutical industry wasn’t blooming, they treated this disease with wormwood tea – wormwood was the main treatment for intestinal parasites. The beneficial effects of this plant will help you eliminate intestinal parasites quickly having instant effect only for harmful parasites without killing the beneficial stomach bacteria.

Anyhow, you have to know how to prepare wormwood tea because you may face with an overdose which can be extremely harmful for your health.

Important! Wormwood tea is administrated only for adults!

You need:

  • 6 g of dry wormwood or freshly crushed
  • 500 ml of water

How to prepare:

Put the water to boil and when it starts to simmer add the wormwood plant and leave it to boil for 15 minutes. Drink 2 cups of wormwood tea per day, one in the morning (250 ml of wormwood tea) and one in the evening.

Tip: if you can’t stand the bitter taste of wormwood tea you can add a few mint leaves.

Important! Don’t drink more than 2 cups per day because you may risk an overdose.

Image Credits: Dailymotion

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