Fast-Relief Remedies To Get Rid Of A Sore Toe

Your feet are made for walking and that’s what just they’ll do! But, if clumsiness is your middle name, then you will probably hurt your feet at some point or your toes. This is the easiest way, but what do you when rheumatism makes its presence felt though painful toes? Auch! It can be a real torture because the pain is bearable but it’s there and won’t go away, creating a real discomfort when walking.

So, you have to act if you don’t want to brag about the pain the entire day, and the following remedies and exercises will help you alleviate any sore toe pain at home.

1.Hot water and Epsom salt treatment

To cure yourself of this perennial pain, hot water treatment (tolerable temperature) with a handful of salt is the handiest home remedy. Dip your feet till the water turns cold. Dry your feet with a clean towel and apply pain relieving ointment. Wear loose-fitted socks to keep your foot warm over night and support your foot with pillows.

2.Avoid wearing tight shoes

Avoid putting pressure on the injured foot and wear shoes accordingly. Tight-fitted shoes or high heeled shoes can often make it worse.

3.Drink turmeric milk

Stir a teaspoon of turmeric powder in a warm glass of milk and drink it up. This age-old concoction is the best healing medicine offered by the ayurveda.

4.Drink water

Drink plenty of water and abstain from unnecessary physical strain. A sore toe requires maximum rest. Towards the healing process, one can gently move the foot in circular motion and try calf muscle extensions sitting at home which helps ease the cramped muscles.

5.Hot and cold compresses

Hot and cold compresses can work great in combination for treating foot pain. While a hot compress can help in improving the blood circulation to your foot, a cold compress can reduce the pain and inflammation by numbing the affected area. So, apply a hot pack to the affected area and hold it there for 5 minutes, and then change it by applying an ice pack.

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