Home Remedies And Exercises For Sore Calf Muscles

Painful calf muscles is common problem among athletes, and the pain main vary from one person to another, feeling like a dull, aching or sharp pain in the back of the lower leg.

The causes of such pain are numerous, including overworking the legs, cramps and foot conditions.

But, you have to know that most of calf pains can be treated at home, in case if the pain is not too strong, but if the pain lasts you should request medical intervention.

So, apply the next remedies to get rid of the pain.

1.Don’t strain the muscles

In case you have sore calf muscles while you are exercising or working out, you should immediately stop. Do not strain your muscles any further as it may lead to some serious muscle injury.

2.Hot/cold packs

Try to relax your sore calf muscles with the help of ice and hot packs. Applying ice will help in reducing swelling of the muscles. However, in case of severe soreness where ice is of no help, massage your calf muscles and apply heating pads. Heat should be avoided in the initial 24 hours of soreness in order to reduce the risk of swelling.

3.Electric bandage

Take help of electric bandage in order to reduce swelling. Wrap the bandage around the sore calf muscles firmly, but make sure that the bandage is not extremely tight as it may swell the muscles just beneath the bandage.

4.Drink plenty of fluids

Dehydration and loss of electrolytes is one of the main reasons of sore calf muscles. Therefore, it is advisable to increase your consumption of fluids. Oral rehydration helps in getting relief from sore muscles.

5.Elevated position to relax your calf muscles

Place your calf muscles in an elevated position. You can use a pillow or a box to rest your muscles upon it. It will reduce swelling and pain and will be beneficial in increasing the mobility of your legs.

6.Capsaicin cream

You can apply capsaicin cream and slightly massage the area. Don’t rub it too much because you may worsen the situation.

7.Wear comfortable footwear

Make sure that you are using proper footwear that provides necessary comfort to your soles while walking.

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