Quick Ways To Stop Razor Nicks And Cuts

While shaving, you can easily cut yourself and stopping the blood flow may seem an impossible task. Most men dab those nicks and cuts with toilet paper or apply a band aid, but what do you do when you’re in a rush? You can’t head at the office looking like you’ve been attacked by mosquitoes!

In this concern, I’ve got great news for you guys: there are easier ways in stopping nicks and cuts from bleeding real fast. Even better, these “ways” can be easily found in the cupboard of your kitchen or on the bathroom shelves.

1. Apply Some Deodorant

  • Your favorite deodorant/antiperspirant probably has aluminum chloride in it, which shrinks sweat glands and in turn tones down your sweating.
  • It also constricts blood vessels too, helping form a clot.
  • Dab some on your nick to help the process along.

2. Apply Lip Balm Or Petroleum Jelly

  • This acts as a sealant and works well on paper cuts.
  • While this will help seal in the blood, the blood will still be visible.
  • Get to the bathroom before your morning meeting and dab the cut with a tissue (assuming, of course, the bleeding has stopped by the end of your commute).

3. Use Coffee Or Tea

  • Coffee or caffeinated tea also works as a vasoconstrictor, reducing puffiness and redness — particularly around the eyes.
  • As a vasoconstrictor, coffee can get a cut to stop bleeding faster, enabling a quicker healing process.
  • You could try applying coffee grounds or a cooled-off tea bag to your cut.

4. Put Eye Drops On Your Cut

  • Whitening eye drops, used as quick solutions on everything from cuts to acne, are a good temporary fix for your shaving nicks.
  • If you put a few eye drops on the cut, you’re effectively restricting the blood vessels, causing it to clot quicker.
  • Wet a cotton ball or tissue with eye drops and place it on the cut.

5. Apply An Ice Cube

  • Instead of using warm or tepid water from the bathroom sink, grab an ice cube and apply it with pressure to your cut.
  • Ice will constrict the blood vessels, helping to form a clot.
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