Folk Remedies To Heal A Twisted Ankle Faster

Hey everybody! Let me tell you how I managed to recover after a sprained ankle. Clumsy me!
Well, there was no adventure or any Jiu-Jitsu scheme, just walking down the street with my Nikes on and stepped on a small rock. The next second I remember trying to gather my forces to lift me up on the pavement. How silly is that? Most people fell because of something: banana peels, slippery floor or pavement, tripping on things, but not me. I walk and fall on the walk of shame like a total diva.

To continue my story, I lift myself up (actually a passing by stranger helped me) but my ankle was hurting like hell, and I decided to take a cab to the E.R. I was facing with a twisted ankle.

Good job, Maggie! So I went straight home with a bunch of medicines accompanied by some helpful home remedies. Of course, I didn’t took any of those pills, instead i got rid of the pain and swelling using only natural remedies. It’s not my first twisted ankle – I was born clumsy – and I know how to handle it.

First thing first – apply the RICE Therapy

Rest: Stay off the injury for a few days, and get ample rest.
Ice: Apply cold to the ankle several times a day to help reduce pain and swelling.
Compression: Apply a static or elastic compression bandage to limit swelling.
Elevation: Reduce the flow of blood and other fluids by elevating the ankle above the heart.

The second thing you should do is to apply cabbage leaf wraps as it follows:

  • Peel the outer leaf of a cabbage
  • Dry it and cut out the stem
  • Use a rolling pin to squeeze out the juice
  • Wrap the cabbage in aluminium foil and put it in the oven to heat up
  • Place the heated cabbage on the injured area
  • Cover the place with gauze and elevate it a little bit
  • Keep it on for an hour and repeat the procedure 2-3 times during the day.

Footnote: I have to admit that this cabbage leaf therapy healed my ankles faster than any medicine. I also have to mention that I applied ice packs over the twisted ankle several times a day.

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