Effective Egg-White Remedy To Lower Fever Quickly (Safe For Kids)

Every parent should know that fever is a self-defense mechanisms used by the human body to fight infections. Nevertheless, fever is common among children and so is dilemma among parents: to rush or not rush to the doctor to treat the child’s fever.

But, parents should observe their child and alongside with their comfort zone:

  • If your child has a low fever and is active, you may not need to intervene at all! However, it is important to monitor food and fluid intake, and the pattern of urination of a child with a fever. If these are normal, there is no need to panic or rush to a paediatrician. Simply observe the child for signs of improvement or change.
  • However, if your child is uncomfortable, and the fever crosses 104 degrees or persists for two consecutive days, it is time to see a doctor.

Wondering how to lower fever with egg-whites?

My son’s fever started out mildly, but the temperature gone wild until it touched 102 degrees Fahrenheit. Should I stay or should I go to the paediatrician? So, I stayed, but not with my fingers crossed and hoping for a miracle. I remembered that once I bookmarked a page with home remedies in kids and lowering fever was among them.

So, you just need to grab that egg carton from the refrigerator and start following these steps:

  • Soak a paper towel or cloth in egg whites.
  • Place the soaked cloth on the soles of your kid’s feet, and put socks on to keep the cloths in place.
  • When the cloths become warm, soak more cloths in egg whites and repeat until the fever is reduced to a safe level.

The egg whites immediately drew the fever from the head to the feet. Once his temperature dropped to a safe level, I stopped the treatment so his body could continue to fight the illness naturally.

Keeping fever under control:

Safe fevers are no concern at all, but you have to remember that it can dehydrate a person. So, keep hydrated in a way that allows the body to work at optimal levels! In other words, with non-sugary liquids.

My favorite liquids during fever are:

  • homemade broth
  • coconut water
  • chicken soup
  • chamomile and ginger teas
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