How To Use Frozen Parsley To Speed Up Bruise Healing

Bruises come and. They are part of our day-by-day life. There are moments in life when you get attacked by the doorframes, desks and other furniture items that simply get in your way. So, a big bruise starts to grow on your knee or leg which can also be painful.

Getting rid of bruises is really simple, because you can cover it with some make up or foundation. As a matter of fact, you can wear some strategic outfits to cover that black and painful bruise.

Yes, these strategies work when you don’t have to go to a meeting where is required a dress code, and you have to wear a dress. And so, your clumsiness will be exposed through that big and black bruise on your leg. That’s a first impression you may want to avoid making!

A safe and extremely effective way to get rid of bruises A.S.A.P. is to use frozen parsley. If you “had a fight with your desk” in the morning or afternoon, use frozen parsley to get rid of that awful bruise until the evening. Grab the following ingredients and take the next steps to get rid of bruises quickly:

  • a handful of parsley
  • ice cube tray

1. Chop the parsley.
2. Drop it in the ice cube tray.
3. Pour water over it.
4. Wait for the tray to freeze.

How To Use:

When the parsley is frozen, just pop it out and rub it over the bruised area. Repeat the process until the parsley cube is melted.

Tip: another effective way to speed up bruise healing is to crush fresh parsley in a mortar and apply the juice and parsley pulp over the bruise. Cover with a bandage and repeat the process every half and hour.

Beef Bandage

In order to get rid of bruises, you can use raw beef. Just keep a slice of beef in the fridge for half an hour then apply it over the bruise. Let it act until the slice of beef gets warm.

Red Wine and Bread

I remember this trick from my grandma: to speed up bruise healing, just soak a loaf of bread in red wine and place it over the bruised area. Let it act for half an hour, then change it with another loaf of bread. Repeat the process until the bruise fades away. You may alternate the raw beef remedy with the red wine remedy.

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