How To Use Oregano Oil To Clear Up A Sinus Infection

A few weeks ago my husband stared to feel a little bit of sinus pressure and a sore throat. Usually these are the first signs of a cold, especially if it’s accompanied by a runny nose.

Sinusitis and its symptoms installed within a few hours and so tons of tissues near the bed. In the first day, he began to sneeze frequently and had a runny nose. Towards the end of the day his nose was stuffy and the pressure felt in the forehead was unbearable. Seeing him agonizing in bed broke my heart!

Fortunately that recently I read an article about the incredible antibacterial benefits of oregano oil for sinus infection. It seems that oregano oil is one of the best natural methods to release pressure in the head and to clear up a sinus infection. Moreover, it will maintain body’s natural balance.

Hence, I ran to the natural herbal store around the corner and I purchased a bottle of wild oregano oil to heal my husband’s sinus infection.

First of all, I prepared Oregano Oil Vaporizer…

  • oregano oil
  • vaporizer

How to do: Initially, Mix oregano oil into the vaporizer. After then, run the vaporizer for summing the moisture into the air and this will helps in clearing the nasal passages to a great extent. Just repeat this process as needed for clearing nasal passages.

…then he used the Neti Pot.

  • Sea salt
  • Neti pot
  • oregano oil
  • hot water

How to do: Neti Pot is one of the effective solutions and it clears the sinus infection by the help of direct irrigation. Mix one teaspoon of salt with oregano oil in 1 cup of hot water. Pour that water into the Neti pot. Now, slightly slant your head and pour it into one nostril. Ultimately, the water will flow out from another nostril. Once your breathing is clear, shift to another nostril. You can have this twice a day for experiencing desired results.

Before going to bed he tried oregano steam sinus infection…

  • oregano oil and
  • hot water

How to do:

1. Firstly, mix oregano oil to boiled water.
2. Just bend your head towards the bowl and be cautious while bending your head since it may burn yourself.
3. Cover the bowl and your head with some coverings for preventing the steam escape.
4. After then, Inhale the steam for few minutes.
5. This will eventually clears your nasal passage and keeps you perfect with fresh mind.
6. You can repeat this process twice a day for achieving effective outcomes.

…and during the night, I used the diffuser

  • oregano oil
  • diffuser
  • half glass of water

How to do: You can also mix oregano oil in a cup of water. For clearing blocked nasal passages, just pour this mix into a diffuser. Then, run the diffuser for achieving effective outcomes.

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