Safe And Natural Methods To Clean Your Ears Without Q-Tips

We know that cotton swabs are out when it comes to ear cleaning! But what should we use instead, because, somehow, we have to clean our waxy ears.

There’s an old saying: “you shouldn’t put anything in your ears smaller than your elbow”. So, give up using those Q-tips if you want to avoid ear problems. When you try to clean your ears using a Q-tip it will actually push most wax deeper into the ear canal instead of removing it. Moreover, the wax sits up against your ear drums and prevents them from vibrating properly causing hearing problems.

Even if it sounds disgusting, leaving your earwax is actually a good thing. It will help lubricate your ear canals in order to functioning properly. Moreover, ears are pretty good at cleaning themselves, so don’t worry. However, if you feel like you need some extra cleaning, you can try some natural and safe alternatives to get wax out of your ears without using Q-tips.

You can try Salty Water…

  • Mix a teaspoon of salt in half a cup of warm water until the salt gets completely dissolved.
  • Soak a cotton ball in the solution. Tilt the affected ear upwards towards the sky.
  • Squeeze the cotton ball to put a few drops of the saline water into the ear and stay in the same position for three to five minutes.
  • Next, tilt your head in the opposite direction to allow the saline water to drain out.

…or Olive Oil – one of the best ear lube.

  • Slightly warm up the olive oil and using a dropper, pour three to four drops in the ear.
  • Allow it to settle for ten minutes so that the ear wax becomes soft.
  • Tilt your head sideways and remove the oil and wax using ear buds.

Add some Hydrogen Peroxide to benefit of its effervescent property…

  • Mix water and hydrogen peroxide (3%) in equal quantities.
  • Use a dropper to drop this solution into the ears.
  • Leave it for some time, and then tilt your head towards the opposite side to drain out the solution.
  • Further wipe away the earwax using a clean cloth.

…or replace it with Vinegar and Rubbing Alcohol.

  • Mix the two ingredients equally in a bowl. Soak the cotton ball in the solution.
  • Then tilt the ear towards the sky and pour two to three drops of the solution from the cotton ball.
  • Wait for five minutes and then tilt your head to the opposite direction so that gravity can pull out the solution as well as the wax.
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