The Recipe That Eased More Joint Pains Than Any Other Painkiller

Back pain and joint pain can become really frustrating at some point, so it’s no wonder that there are a lot of home remedies to ease joint pain. However, not all of these natural remedies are not as effective as it’s said.

There is one natural remedy that has proven to be extremely effective in treating joint pain – gelatin! Being a product of animal origin with no additives or sugar it is highly recommended for people suffering from arthritis, because it causes no irritation.

Gelatin seems to be the new superfood for those suffering from osteoarthritis

A recent story that was reported during a meeting of the American Academy of Family Physicians in Dallas discovered that adding a gelatin supplement to the diet of people with mild osteoarthritis in the knee could provide relief to those with joint pain.

The Recipe That Eased More Joint Pains Than Any Other Painkiller


  • 150 g of edible gelatin (enough for a month of treatment)
  • Water
  • Juice, yogurt, or milk for flavoring

On an evening before bed, pour five grams of gelatin (or two flat teaspoons), into a quarter cup of cold water taken directly from your refrigerator. Mix the combination thoroughly and allow it to stand outside of the fridge as you go to sleep. The gelatin should transform intojelly overnight. In the morning, consume the mixture without any food, adding your choice of milk, water, or juice to help flavor the substance.

It may seem simplistic, but those that have tried the recipe claims that it begins to eliminate joint and back pain within seven days. All you need to do is continue your morning routine for a month to re-lubricate the joints, and restart your efforts again in six months.

The Benefits of Gelatin

Doctors believe that gelatin helps to strengthen joints and bones because it’s rich in collagen – one of the crucial materials used to make up cartilage and bone. Because of the helpful dose of collagen your body gets, the condition of small cells and internal fibers is improved.

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