Weird Household Tricks To Tackle Down Plantar Warts

Plantar warts, also known as verrucas, are warts that grow on the feet. Even if they are not harmful, plantar warts can become uncomfortable while standing and walking.

The reason of their appearance is getting infected with human papillomavirus which can enter your skin through cuts. If you expose yourself to unhygienic surroundings, such as swimming pools, the virus infects the skin and causes outgrowths on the feet (plantar warts).

You can get rid of plantar warts through surgery or freezing, but if somehow this scares you as it scares me, you can rely on some natural remedies. The thing is that these remedies are incredible weird, but extremely effective. Most bloggers write about the effectiveness of duct tape in getting rid of plantar warts, which really works. However, you have to have patience in order to achieve the desirable results.

So, let’s see how to tackle down plantar warts with items around your house!

As I mentioned above, Duct Tape

We all know that duct tape has endless uses for crafting or around the house, but did you ever think about it as a topical treatment?
Cut a piece of duct tape as close to the size of your wart as possible but also big enough to be able to grip to rip off. Leave the tape on for a few days and pull it off. Repeat until the layers of the wart have been peeled away.

Salicylic Acid

Wash well the affected area with warm water and scrub it with a pumice stone or a brush to loose dead callus tissue. Then apply a small amount of salicylic acid ointment.
At first, the application might irritate the skin. However, keep on applying it at regular intervals. It may take more than a month to get rid of a big wart, so continue the treatment until the wart is fully treated.


Iodine is used to help disinfect infections and treatments. This is exactly why it’s a good remedy for your plantar wart; the chemical can help kill off the virus causing the growth. Use a cotton ball to paint the area with the wart and help kill the nasty virus.

The weirdest of them all: Chalk

A doctor found that rubbing chalk on the warts will make them disappear. So, it’s worth trying! To try this method, just find some clean chalk and rub it onto the wart like you would onto a chalk board. If that doesn’t seem to work, crush it up and add a little water, and apply it as a paste.


While peeing on a jelly fish sting has been disproven, it turns out that it actually does work on warts. Soak a cotton ball in urine, and applying it to the wart using a bandage, or even duct tape if you’re brave. Leave for a few days and let the acidity work its magic on your pesky wart.


Speaking of acidity, onions are another natural source you might have in your pantry. To utilize this method, you can either crush up the onion until it releases juice and apply that to the wart, or you can place sliced onion right into your sock and onto the wart!

Nail Polish

Wash the affected area with warm water and pat it dry. Apply a layer or two of clear nail polish directly on the wart and leave it on for a few hours. Remove the nail polish and let the area breathe for a few minutes. Then, reapply the nail polish.

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