What Happens If You Sleep With Onion Slices In Socks?

There are a lot of awkward folk remedies all over the internet that seem too good to be true. Even if they don’t make sense at all, somehow they work!

Some substances found in certain vegetables and ingredients are extremely effective over the human body and perfect for fighting viruses and bacteria. Let’s take onions as a sustainable example. In recent years, many articles online have claimed that onion in socks folk remedy is extremely effective in treating cold and flu.

Onions are considered a natural remedy for various illnesses, and are known for their magical healing power. They are also known as natural air purifiers, and when applied directly to the skin, they tend to remove the bacteria and kill the germs. The phosphoric acid (the substance that irritates our eyes while chopping onions) present in onions helps in purifying the blood as it enters the blood vessels.

How does onion in socks heal common cold and its symptoms?

Did you know that the bottom areas of your feet have direct access points to all the internal organs? In the Chinese medicine these access points are known as meridians and they form pathways to each organ in the body. Stimulating these meridians is very important for our body to function healthily. One of the coolest ways to stimulate these meridians is to put an onion slice inside your socks (at the bottom of your feet) and wear them to bed.

How to use onion in socks remedy for cold and flu?

  • Take an onion (red or white) and cut it into thin and flat slices (make sure it’s an organic onion to avoid any side effects of pesticides like fungal infections).
  • Place the onion slice in your socks (under your foot, like a platform), and sleep as you usually do.
  • As you sleep, the healing properties of the onions will be absorbed by the feet, and this will help in stimulating the meridians.

Even if this theory is not science-backed, there are many housewives and grandmothers that claim the effectiveness of this remedy, including my grandma!

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